How can VPS hosting increase your website speed and SEO ratings?

A website speed depends on your hosting and web servers. If there are some issues with the hosting for a particular website it may be bad for your website average speed and also may decrease your website SEO ranking due to the bounce rate of incoming visitors. Here is this article, I am telling how VPS Hosting can be a super hosting for your website server response time and SEO issues.

Virtual Private Server

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS full form is Virtual Private Server. A Data Center contains the lot of physical servers (memory, storage, CPU etc). Whenever a physical server virtually divides into a sub-virtually machine. This process is called virtualization. The physical server can virtually divide by the help of virtualization software like VM Ware, Docker, Open VZ etc and these virtually hosted machines are called Virtual Machine.  How much virtual machine can we create? It depends on physical server resources and configuration.

Virtual Machine can use an independent resource and also we can install any operating system on it. A customer can use a virtual machine depends on the requirement of bandwidth and can access only the assigned Virtual Machine.

Who can use VPS Hosting?

•    VPS Hosting is beneficial for them who might have the huge requirement in future for host web applications.

•    VPS Hosting will be a better option for increase website efficiency and speed because this VPS hosting does not use the resources of any other Virtual Machine.

•    It can also be an alternate of dedicated hosting setup cost cutting.

•    VPS can be fully and easily accessible. VPS has own installed OS where the user can install server application like Apache, MySQL, PDP etc.

But now if you are planning to go through with VPS. Kindly make sure that you have enough technical knowledge to maintain the VPS. This is a Self Manage Hosting where the user can manage server instances. This is also expensive compared to the other shared hosting plans. So as per my recommendation, don’t go with VPS hosting until you do not have such type of requirement.