What is Laravel?

Laravel is the open source PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell for developing the web application with MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.

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Laravel is also the most popular PHP framework like Symfony2, CodeIgniter etc. The all source code of Laravel framework hosted on the online code repository GitHub under the terms of MIT License.



History of Laravel

Laravel was initially introduced by Taylor Otwell as an alternative of CodeIgniter Framework. Mr. Otwell tried to enhance the feature of built-in support for user authentication in Laravel Framework.

Laravel first beta version (Laravel 1) was launched on June 9, 2011. The most powerful features in Laravel 1 were support for authentication, models, views, sessions and routing.

In September 2011 Laravel community launched the Laravel 2 with the various improvements. The major features were included in Laravel 2 was the support of controllers. Laravel 2 removed the support for the third-party packages.

In February 2012 Laravel community launched its third version Laravel 3 with the new feature of command line interface (CLI) which name was Artisan. This version had built in support for more database management systems, support for handling events and packaging systems.

In May 2013, another version Laravel 4 was launched with the total new compilation of its modules. The whole layout was migrated into a set of separate packages through Composer. Another new feature in Laravel 4 was database seeding for the initial population of databases, support for message queues.

In Laravel 5, the community made some internal changes include support for scheduling periodically, an abstraction layer (Fly system), improved handling of packages and also introduced a new internal directory tree.

After the release of Laravel 5, Laravel community released its subsequent version Laravel 5.1 in June 2015 to receive LTS (Long Term Support).

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