What is Dedicated IP?

Before understanding the Dedicated IP, we should know about the IP address.

Internet Protocol Address is a unique address for each computer machine that is connected to a network just like your mobile phone number.

A website hosted on a web server can have its own IP address or may use the shared IP of the web server.

what id dedicated ip?

Difference Between a Shared IP and Dedicated IP

A Shared IP Address used by multiple websites hosted on a single server whereas a dedicated IP is a unique IP for a website.

In the case of shared IP, a web server parsing the request sent by client/user for the correct website but in the case of a dedicated IP the request of a client directly goes to the correct website because of its unique and different IP address.

The following diagram explains it better.

dedicated ip

Advantages of Dedicated IP

A Dedicated IP address will allow accessing your website directly without changing any Domain Name Setting.

An SSL can only be installed if your website has own dedicated IP.

Some application and script require dedicated IP for a website to run.


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