What is Closure in JavaScript?

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A Closure in JavaScript, where an inner function has access to the outer(enclosing) function’s variable.

Closure Simple Example

Here we have two functions:

Let’s see step by step what happens when the outer() function is invoked

  1. Variable b is created in outer() function, and its value is set to 10.
  2. The next line is a function declaration, so nothing to execute.
  3. On the last line, it return inner which is nothing but the returning function.
    Note: The return statement does not execute the inner function – a function is execute only when followed by (), but rather the return statement return the entire body of function.
  4. Once function outer finished execution all the within the scope of outer() now no longer exist.


Inner function preserve the scope chain of the enclosing function at the time the enclosing function was executed, and thus can access the enclosing function’s variable.

In our Example

The inner function had preserved the value of b=10 when the outer() function was executed, and continued to preserve(Closure) it.

Value of b=10 is preserved in the Closure even after the outer() function completes its execution.

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