TATA Megapixel : Great car with great Mileage 100 Kms/Ltr

TATA Megapixel

After the successful compilation of country’s most budget car TATA Nano, TATA motors going to launch most effective fuel car of the nation very soon. TATA motors plan to launch this car after the regular hikes in petroleum products. It will be an up gradation of TATA Nano with most of some unique combinations.


According to the media sources, this car will give the mileage of 100 KM/LTR and the name will be “TATA Megapixel”. Originally the concept was introduced in earlier 2012 at Geneva Motor Show. This vehicle also is for middle-class families as well as TATA Nano.

The company will use the engine with a single cylinder of the capacity of 325 CC. As per the media sources, the company used Lithium Ion Phosphate for battery and in the moving situation, the company used petrol engine generator for battery charging. It means once you’ve got a full tank of petrol then the car will give the mileage of 900 KMS. The maximum speed will be 110 KMS/LTR.

This car also will be great in the matter of its exterior and interior with one touch all in one command center, 4 seated space, and panoramic roof.

The touch screen of the car will be able to AC ventilation, driving mode with performance and temperature control features. Also, you will be able to use your mobile with connecting to screen touch on hands-free mode. Also, the company will provide the feature of park assist system for easy parking.

The company is planning to launch this car with the cost of 5 lakhs.