Social Impact of Freelancing

I have been a professional web developer working since 2012 and has been developed many applications for example- e-commercial, blogs, online application software etc. Now I am a co-founder of Javatportal Corporation India.

I started my career as a Java Trainer in 2011 and moved to PHP in 2012 as per the market requirement and availability. Now I have a lot of experience in PHP, Codeigniter, WordPress, Opencart, Jquery, CSS and HTML with MySQL database.

This is a great opportunity provided by Toptal Web Engineers Group to me for show my web skills globally and it’s a very pleasant opportunity to serve the clients globally.

I am working as a freelancer since 2012 for my clients in my contact circle. I understand that how technology can improve our society’s work efficiency and productivity. I always tried to encourage all new youngsters students for being a part of this change.  With the same intention, I applied as a freelancer in Toptal.

I also want to congratulate the team of Toptal for identifying the skills of people for help to create a new society and new world. I also want to be part of this community to get the opportunity for serve people.

It also beneficiary for all the people who are associated with it. Specifically for me, it will be a chance to enhance and utilize my skills for better work and better people.

Usually, in each and every project there are new and unique requirements from the client side which is a challenge to work according but it the end of that project the feeling is great of creating and complete that one.

Wish me luck!