PUBG can be banned after Tik-Tok

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PUBG can be banned
PUBG can be banned

The Central Government has made another “Digital Strike” on China. The government has banned 47 more Chinese apps on charges of India’s anti-collusion and integrity activities. These banned apps were functioning as a cloned copy of the banned apps.

According to the media sources, For the national security and user privacy, Indian Government is monitoring 275 more Chinese apps(including the famous game PUBG). If national security or any other violation is found in these apps, government may banned these Chinese apps as well.

According to the media sources, the Central Government is preparing a law against the apps that violate user privacy and national security laws.

After the ban on 59 Chinese apps by the Indian Government, there has been a demand for banning Chinese apps all over the world. The US and Australia have already indicated to ban many Chinese apps(including Tik-Tok). US President Mr.Donald Trump has already been commented on China several times under the pretext of Tik-Tok.

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