Research: Almost 6K online stores hit by the hackers

The research of “online stores hit by hackers” that almost 6000 stores are victims of some malicious program that stealing some confidential details like credit card details, customer personal data etc.

According to the Dutch developer Willem De Groot, This type of malicious program has been injected through cyber Hackers into the sites.

Mr. Williams found the total 5925 victim sites by scanning for the specific signature of the data-stealing program in websites.

Costly Mistake that makes easy for online stores hit by hackers

Hackers are well known to how to explode this types of the program into the widely used web programs. Mr. De Groot is the co-founder and head of security at Dutch commercial website

Hackers generally inject this malicious program which is typical to understand and able to steal credit card and other confidential details.

Stolen data was being sold on the black market with the highly effective rates.
To stealing this data from the online web stores its called “skimming”. Mr De Groot investigating skimming since his own credit card details were stolen. In his further research he found that skimming started in earnest in May 2015 and by the end of 2015 there are about 3500 sites has been compromised.

In upcoming 18 months, the number of sites had grown to 5925 with skimming code. In these victim sites car makers, fashion firm, and some government websites were also included.
The injected code was able to steal the data very steadily which was more sophisticated.

“I would recommend consumers to only enter their payment details on sites of known payment providers such as PayPal,” he told the BBC. “They have hundreds of people working on security, the average store probably has none.”


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