Future of PHP

Are you worried about your carrier using PHP(Pre Processor Hypertext) language? OR still confused if PHP is the better language to start for your programming IT carrier. Here in this article, we will try to solve your issues and confusion by discussing the scope and future of PHP.

Future of PHP

Why there is negativity about PHP?

Many people suggest that there are no scope and future of PHP in next 5 years and the leading companies will not accept this language to build the web application in presence of other strong general purposes languages like Java, Dot Net, Python, C, C++, and others.

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We have to keep this thing in our mind that no programming language can be fully better as per every programmer expectation and each has some own pros and cons.

However, In comparison to other programming languages. We have classified the advantages and disadvantages of PHP and finally the conclusion as per us.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • PHP does not support multi-threading but because it is a server-side scripting language so web server already takes care of this.
    Rasmus Lerdorf interview about PHP Multithreading
  • PHP is loosely typed language which makes the possibility of security threats.
  • Other security threats in PHP are SQL injection, Session Hijacking, Source code revelation etc.
  • PHP community releases its new version after a delay.
  • Most developers say that PHP is not a good choice as programming languages for high and complex web applications enable with security features and it has a complex file structure and directory management system.

Advantages of PHP

  • PHP is the most popular open source programming language with multiple tools available for a rich development at a cheaper cost. That’s why PHP is popular among of web freelancers community.
  • The latest version of PHP i.e PHP 7 launched with its more enhance OOPs feature and performance
  • The strongest and easy navigate CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Open Cart, Joomla etc in PHP helps the user to set up a website quickly.
  • PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel etc allow and force to the programmer to create the web application using design patterns like MVC(Model-View-Controller). Which always be a good practice.
  • There are a lot of internet support for PHP with a lot of content.
  • PHP syntax is easy to learn.
  • In the new release of PHP version7 as a better result PHP is now faster compare to the old version PHP 5.6.

What is the new in PHP 7?

Here is the primary exciting feature of PHP7.

  • Data Type Declaration
  • Function’s Return Type Declaration
  • Anonyms Classes
  • Introduced New Operators

Top 5 websites using PHP

  1. Facebook
  2. Yahoo
  3. Wikipedia
  4. WordPress.com
  5. Flickr

Our Conclusion about PHP

Now today more than 83% sites using PHP technology with the support of the very large PHP community and developers.

future of PHP

The upcoming PHP version will implement more security features and performance will be better compared to old version. Because of Open Source and cheap Server Hosting, PHP is cost-effective language. PHP CMSs are making the developer life easy to set up basic web applications quickly and Frameworks force to you for creating the applications using good industry practice.

So basis on all pros and cons PHP is good to go.