How to create a visitor counter program in PHP?

Visitor counter program in PHP helps to identify us that how many visits are coming into our website on daily basis. There are two ways that you can create the visitor counter program in PHP and these are:

  1. By Using Database
  2. By Using File Handling

Most of the people are using CMS for developing the websites and my focus point to be always to use the PHP script instead of any plugin in the CMS.

Because most the plugins (e.g->WordPress) loaded with CSS and JavaScript files which make your system heavier this causes of your WordPress speed issues.

Now in this example, I am going to use File Handling Method for avoiding database calls.

Now first we have to create own index.php file.

Now we have to create own PHP script for visitor counter.


Also, we have to make sure that the text file “counter.txt” should be available in the root directory of your project. If you are using Cpanel then it should be in your public_html  folder.

That’s All.


Visitor Counter Program in PHP