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Change WordPress theme by phpmyadmin

Why do I need to write this topic about Change WordPress theme by phpmyadmin?

Last week I was the victim of Brute Force attack and lose and corrupt some essentials files of my WordPress theme. However, I have already created a backup and want to change my theme to some another. I uploaded the same project back on my hosting server and import the database and make some other changes to work like before.

But whenever I was trying to run my website, I got a completely blank page with no even any option. The idea came into my mind that I should need to change the wordpress theme but there was no option available to change the theme via WordPress admin due to my corrupt files of the theme.


So to do this task we have to make some certain changes into the Cpanel for change WordPress theme by phpmyadmin. These are those steps.

  1. Login to your Cpanel account.Change WordPress theme by phpmyadmin
  2. Click on phpmy Admin.
  3. Choose the appropriate database of your website and locate the table wp_option.
    Change WordPress theme by phpmyadmin
  4. In this table expand all the result and search for the field template and stylesheet. Change your theme name against those fields and That’s it.

    Change WordPress theme by phpmyadmin

    Change WordPress theme by phpmyadmin

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