Best open source CMS for e-commercial platform for online store?


Best CMS for e-commercial website

Best CMS for e-commercial website

Best CMS for the e-commercial website-There are many of ways today to create an e-commercial website with minimum knowledge and experience of PHP and its frameworks.  I am sure that this blog will surely help you to find the way to choose best CMS for the e-commercial website.

Problematic Situation

In September 2016, I got a project to develop an e-commercial website for a client. The client was associated with the business of computer hardware and he wants an e-commercial website to publish his all products into a single website. I accepted that project but there are a lot of challenges in front of me. Those I want to share with you friends.

The first requirement of the client, that a customer can track their purchase with the tracking ID. He had almost 5000-6000 products which he wants to publish. This client had 5 branches in all over India and want to manage all the branches by a single e-commercial website.

My Difficulties to choose Best CMS for e-commercial website

Now I want to tell you my resources at the time of accepting that project. At the time of that project I had a little bit knowledge of core PHP but I was good on WordPress, which is actually a CMS (Content Management Systems).  But I was aware that we can create this type of e-commercial project using WordPress, Magento, Opencart etc.

I knew that it was a big project and I had the responsibility to maintain 5-6K projects on a single site without any hacking and performance issue.

Best CMS for e-commercial website

Disadvantages with WordPress

This project can be built into WordPress. But the disadvantages of WordPress that, it was a heavy CMS and majorly targeted CMS for hacking attacks.

WordPress was originally built for blogging site this is the plus point of WordPress that we can build an online store but this is not a good option as per performance issues.

I also searched for Magento and Opencart and even I started to build an online store using Magento but the configuration process was too lengthy and it cannot be run without the SSL certificate on your web server.

Finally, I moved for the open cart, it’s easy to install, easy to configure and best option if you have products between 5000-6000. I was feel good to deliver the project to my client which I committed.


So finally I think that Opencart is the best option if you have the same confusion just like me. Otherwise, if you have time for learning and find new things, then Magento is the popular and best open source CMS in the market.

I hope that, this blog helped you to choose an e-commercial platform to build an online store and give some basic idea to develop.